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TAP organises community meetings in Albania along the pipeline route

06 giugno 2011

In June TAP will meet with communities in the towns and villages in the prefectures of Korçe, Berat and Fier.

After two years of the pipeline route selection process in Albania, TAP has commissioned a detailed, integrated Environmental and Social Impact Assessment to be conducted by a group of Albanian and international experts in accordance with the Albanian law and in line with the Environmental and Social Policy of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

The purpose of the ESIA is to assess the potential impacts of the project and project-related activities on the environment and socio-economic resources and to design mitigation or enhancement measures to avoid, remove or reduce negative impacts to the environment.

Field investigations on the environmental, socio-economic situation of the areas crossed by the route corridor will commence in June 2011 and will continue through the following months. During this period the work team will meet the Albanian Government, Regional authorities relevant for the project (Korçe, Berat and Fier) as well as districts, municipalities, communes and villages of the areas crossed by the proposed pipeline route.

TAP will meet any interested persons who would like to learn more about the project or provide their feedback on the selected route.

TAP will organize a series of community meetings in the towns and villages in the area along the pipeline route in Albania in the prefectures of Korçe, Berat and Fier. Meetings will be organized between 7th and 17th of June.

The full schedule of meetings can be viewed here in English and in Albanian.

The calendar of the meetings is also published in local newspapers, radio and TV stations during 7th and 13th of June, 2011.

Trans Adriatic Pipeline will enter Albania from Greece at Miras in Korça region. The landfall will be located in the coastal area north-west from Fier.