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Cadastre updates in Greece

07 luglio 2014

TAP’s sub-contractors in Greece are currently updating ‘cadastre’ or the existing information on the ownership and use of all land parcels, affected by the pipeline project. This process aims to establish a detailed and comprehensive ‘cadastral map’, based on surveys and the examination of existing land registers.

TAP invites land owners and users from municipalities of:

Kastoria, Argos Orestiko,Nestorio, Eordaia, Amyntaio, Naousa, Edessa, Skydra, Pella, Chalkidonato visit the Cadastral Survey Office in your Municipality operated by its local Subcontractor TOPMAPS J/V to:

  • Check with the assistance of our contracted specialists whether the land you own or use is affected by the pipeline’s route, and the safety zones.
  • Review the presentation of the Cadastral Data and if necessary, submit a Correction Application Form.
  • Declare your property in order to contribute to the completeness of the TAP Cadastre.
  • Learn how to confirm your ownership or use of land in the project affected parcels so as to ensure your property will be eventually, where applicable, considered for due compensation

Submission period of Property Declaration Forms, Correction Application Forms and general information about the project: 07.07.2014 - 08.08.2014

Operation hours:
Monday-Friday: 09:00 - 16:00
Wednesday: 09:00 - 20:00

Find out the nearest cadastral survey office and information spot in your area>> [link to the file with contact details of all offices] in the Municipalities of: Kastoria, Argos Orestiko,Nestorio, Eordaia, Amyntaio, Naousa, Edessa, Skydra, Pella, Chalkidona

TAP's sub-contractors:

Address: 21,25 Martiou Sir
54645 Thessaloniki
Tel: 2310 888950
Fax: 2310 888958
Municipalities of Oreokastro, Lagadas, Kilkis, Nea Zichni, Iraklia, Amfipoli, Prosotsani

Address: 95 Monastiriou
54267, Thessaloniki
Tel: 2310 540107
Fax: 2310 555659
Municipalities of Nestos, Xanthi,Avdira, Topeiros, Iasmos, Komotini,Maroneia Sapes, Alexandroupoli,Soufli

Address: 8 Zaimi Str,
10683, Athens
Tel : 210 3832264
Fax: 210 3807154

Please, read more about the Land Easement and Acquisition Process.